The Introvert Myth or More Mislabeling?

There was this great article written by Adam Grant called 5 Myths About Introverts and Extroverts, in which Adam debunks what society first thought to be an introvert. Also in this article, Adam notes many similarities between introverts and extroverts and it seems that the only difference is how sensitive we are during prolonged social interaction.

I agree with Adams findings, which were well researched and thought out. I do though have to add my own 2 cents not based off other research data, but from my own experience and findings.

My situation can be called a paradox mainly because I thrive in social situations but live a ‘introverted’ lifestyle. I have no problem talking to people, starting conversations, and even being the life of the party. But like introverts, I generally like hanging by myself or with a few select group – usually consisting no more than 3 others.

I enjoy my job very much so and have to deal with a large number of people everyday and have no problem interacting. I work a front desk in a business building and I engage with a lot of people within the building, whether I work with them or not. ‘Building Mayor’ is what my coworkers call me. The only thing is that most people that I have met and said ‘hello’ to has not gone beyond that. Not only that, the few conversations that take a while do start getting me a bit anxious only because I fear that I might say something to offend or bore them.

This is especially true within my own company. I’m treated well at my company and at towards the bottom of the ‘corporate ladder’, although my pay is hefty for my position (Yeah, I’m one of the few writers that will admit that). I do get intimidated/anxious with people in positions of power, no matter the conversation. Yes, I’ve been guilty of saying the wrong thing and the wrong time and have made inappropriate comments thinking it would be deemed fit for the situation.

The reason I gave this article this title because I definitely think that introverts can be socially excepted among extroverts but what can you be labeled as if you do share both traits but can still be socially awkward at times? I guess society hasn’t really accepted that yet.




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